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We are involved in the entire process, from design through to manufacturing,logistics and ?nal set-up. As manufacturers, we have a more agile and ?exible approach in terms of materials and delivery times.

Tirelessly innovative,we are available to offer our customers new products, new materials and an endless range of possibilities.


At the Vatisa Group, we develop projects from the initial idea to final delivery, where each assignment is unique and requires personalised commercial customer service. Our sales department offers holistic development for your project, from the design of drafts to manufacturing itself, if requested, of the actual sample of standard or exclusive products that need to be developed, serving as a demonstration of how the project will be: namely, original and, most importantly, efficient.


Within the converted paper industry, we cover any kind of converted paper production, both with and without our products.


We work with a wide range of materials and all types of plastics, both rigid and ?exible, such as: PVC, METHACRYLATE, POLYPROPYLENE, CELLULAR POLYCARBONATE, GLASSPACK, PET, CANVAS OF ALL KINDS, INJECTED PRODUCTS, THERMO-SHAPING, etc. as well as paper-based products such as FOAM BOARD, FOAMED PVC, CARDBOARD, COATED FOLDING BOXBOARD, PHOTOGRAPHIC PAPER, etc.

We also work with all types of vinyl either for cutting plotters or the different vinyl types required for printing.

We have an ironwork department to process iron fora range of purposes from the production of special parts to preparation for standard exhibitors which are already manufactured and ready for shipping.

As a result, we apply each stage required by every material to be properly processed, be it die-stamping, printing, folding, welding or many other converted paper products that can be carried out within this wide range of product varieties used for communication purposes when developing YOUR CORPORATE IMAGE.


The Vatisa Group has a professional team of approved and qualified assemblers for this sector, and ourset-up and take-downservices are available for all kind of commercial areas, providinga direct and personal service that you can rely on.